AN OPEN LETTER (Redacted Version)

 Added Section in Red)


Sat. October 6, 2018


From Jean Claude Elie

To: Dr. Marie P. Dupiton



Dear Johanne,


Please take this letter in good spirit and with an open mind. Even though you will disagree with many of my statements, I hope you will be able to show some character maturity in being able to accept what is proven as true, even unpleasant one. As truth is not meant to be pleasant, but is the only thing that will help move an issue forward.


So in this communication, I am going to present you a proposal to address the current impasse, and put an end to my campaign in search of answers, and to understand why life was turned upside down overnight, with many others subsequently affected.


After 2.5 years in this campaign against silence, I am making one last proposal for a  resolution that will put the final stages of my campaign on hold. So as the one person who has always initiated peace efforts in this family as I will show below, this one will be my final one if it fails. So after reading this letter with my proposal at the end, you will have the ball in your hands as all family, friends and the community awaits to see how you play it.


Now before my proposal which I think is pretty reasonable, I will spend some time summarizing my position with the family and the events that led me to take the positions I have taken over the past 2+ years, leading to writing you this letter. And my reason for making it an open letter is to prevent it from being ignored.



Let's me start by saying once more that my objective is not to hurt you or anyone. I have no hate for you or any one, as hate is an emotion that I have never experienced. It is something that can't grow inside of me, being  a person living a simple life, giving no importance to material things. A life of supporting and helping others make a better life for themselves. As such, I sacrificed  a lot, but fortunately I also never missed anything,  while always trying to do  the right thing, even in the face of adversities like the ones I am living through now.


These are qualities instilled in me by my mother and that I remained loyal to. Qualities such as honesty, integrity, dignity, personality and a commitment to truth and justice. 


But while I never hate anyone, nor try to hurt anyone, I do hate injustice, lies and he actions that caused so much pain, disruption of lives, and stained the family's legacy. So if you get hurt in the process of finding answers and explanation to the reason my life was turned upside down overnight, it is not my fault. Any resulting misfortune on you in my search for truth, is the direct result of your strategy of  hiding and refusing to communicate to address the serious damages that resulted from this family's activities. A strategy that I define as "Hit & Run"


My historical commitment to resolve problems, and not to hurt anyone can be seen in the many positive steps I took in the past when your actions had brought the family to the edge of division. Actions that you never denied having taken.  For example, back in 2012/2013:

- When you caused problems with your intransigence to answer a simple bathroom question.....

- When you  badmouthed me with my wife, falsely claiming  that I was bringing girls to my office....

- When you started to invite my wife to parties and excluded me in the invitations during our first year of marriage....

- When you evicted us from the office apartment because you were not getting your way..... Etc, Etc...,

How did Claudy react?.

I forgave you & put it all behind me for the family by organizing the first family reunion in 2015 honoring my mother on the 10th anniversary of her passing .


Then after my wife and I returned from a successful marriage retreat, you proceeded to execute "The Great Thanksgiving 2015 Kidnapping"  of my wife at my daughter's house, as documented HERE

How did Claudy again react?

Upon noticing that the family was about to go in turmoil, I forgave that kidnapping incident as a simple error on your part, and once more, I pulled the family back together with a second family reunion in 2016.


Then week later after my wife broke our marriage with your support, and I started to uncover the conspiracy and the existence of the renegades syndicate blocking any  possible reconciliation with my wife...

 How did Claudy again react?

I swallowed my pride & requested a family meeting with the hope of forgiving what was done to me, and save the family. A meeting that friends of the family deemed as critical to have for the salvation of the family, and personally encouraged you and Liliane to go along with. So what did you do with the meeting requests?

But this time, you and your mother blocked my attempts at a peace meeting so as not to have to face the truth and admit culpability. A fact proven when upon insisting on a meeting, I finally got this reply.

"...No one wants to sit and listen to your crazy nonsense!!! Ok!!!!... There will be no meeting unless it is with drug alcohol abuse counselors and psychologists....  "

How did Claudy again react?

Well, in spite of those insulting & Disgraceful  rejections to a meeting that could have avoided today's disaster,   for 2 years I tried to keep the lines of communications open, hoping that, by alternatively sharing the honest truth I was discovering, someone else  would rise to the occasion to salvage the family. But by some magic power, everyone else was already programmed to do the opposite, as a gag order was imposed on communication.



So, before this drama and my prior attempts to keep the family together, what kind of uncle  was I to you?

I could go back to your days as a baby changing your diapers, feeding & babysitting you. But I will just remind you of the uncle who was there for you each time you needed him recently..

  • Like the time I your house was flooded by hurricane Sandy. My wife and I gave you shelter in the apartment/office we rented from you, with my wife getting new bed sheets, towel, pillows, etc. for your comfort with your husband. Then I told you that you can stay as long as you want. I did not take one penny from the rent, because I did not do it for the landlord.
    I did it for my niece.

  • Then when you needed a website for your Camkids clinic, I created one for you below cost, and  promoted it with the clinic nonstop without ever sending you monthly bills. Why?
    Because it was for my niece.
    Then when you opened the Energy  Fitness Gym, I helped you with the layout design, built the website and promoted the business. Even got you a flyer distributor and designed an overview map of the neighborhoods with a distribution route for him to follow, etc.
    These were for my niece

  •  When the Gym fell on hard time, and your partner-sister Dominique wanted to pull out & get her investment back, the 2 of you had a bad feud over money. So you came to uncle Claudy looking for a loan shark to get you Dominique's  money right away. I went through my connections and found one willing to give you a 5 figures loan at high weekly interest rates, using your clinic as collateral. But then I was happy to hear that you were able to find the money by other means.
    That was an effort for my niece.

  • In fact this was around the time I went to Dominique asking her to talk to you about an issue you were causing in my apartment. Then Dominique replied, "I can't get involved because I almost lost my sister over my investment in the Gym". How about that? No one would get involved then, no one got involved now to deal with family issues, But everyone jumped in with 2 feet into my marriage to Marline. 
    So here we are today in a total mess, with only Claudy still looking for answers and solutions.

  • Then after Marline settled with you for a smaller office to resolve another issue you  had created, I volunteered  my design skills to present you with  3 dimensional floor plans options for your 2nd floor office expansion. 
    That was for my niece

  • Then on the personal side, when you and your husband were having issues in the bedroom, who did you come to for advice?
    You came to uncle Claudy!

  • Even your conspiracy theorist sister Dominique often came to get intellectual advice from uncle Claudy when she needed to prove or disprove a conspiracy theory she wanted to believe in. For example: Proving to her in black & white that 911 terrorist attack was not fake & not set up by the Americans.
    All these were for my nieces

  • When you and Guy decided to get married, my wife and I, organized your bridal shower at our home. Then you had a great wedding in in the Dominican Republic that my wife and I could not attend. But then you  decided to have a 2nd wedding ceremony  at the exact location my wife and I got married the year before. To which I told my wife that you did that trying to outdo our wedding of the century. But your 2nd wedding ceremony  was no match to ours, and you failed in that initial expression of Jealousy, and your belief that the best must belong to you.
    What baffles me the most is that Marline, with her people-pleaser personality, chose to ignore all these things going back to our 1st year of marriage.

So in the end, how did my niece Johanne say 'Thank you' to uncle for always giving her support, and for having saved the family many times from her divisive actions? Before I answer, let me show you this..





Well, the thank you I got from niece Johanne is no different than the No-Thank You I got from nephew Frantz Balmir after I took great risk in my position director of engineering by pulling him from a bank teller's job, to give him a career in engineering with 2 solid jobs that grossed him some 2 million dollars in salary so far & growing daily.


It's no different than the No-Thank You I got from  Ricky & Fanfan  for helping take care of their elderly sick parents when they were alone at night & weekends,  buying them restaurant food, maintaining the house, even handling numerous medical emergencies. Among those were:

FIRST  The day their Alzheimer stricken mother escaped & I had to rescue her from a police station miles away. Then secured the home with deadbolts on all doors. Finally  ordered her a custom made medical ID bracelet below. Also shown are examples of cases of Ensure nutrition I regularly ordered for my sister, home supplies & house maintenance items.

Sadly though, these personal & financial supports to my sick sister Roselyne and her sick  husband were viewed by your mother Liliane as an infringement on her control over the home. And viewed by you, as  infringing on your monopoly  as self-assigned financial guru by your MD title.  Again proving your delusional view of your MD  title, which should stand for healing, not scoring


.SECOND: Then just weeks before they evicted me from her house with your support, I had to handle a major medical emergency  when their partially disabled and recovering stroke victim father fell & had a major head trauma bleeding profoundly from the skull. I handled the emergency situation and kept the sons in the loop with constant text messages as emergency arrived and he was taken to LIJ trauma center. Lucky I was there during their parents many emergencies, But as No-Thank You, they pushed ahead with benefactor uncle Claudy's eviction with no objection from you. And even more scandalous was the no-objection from the so-called elder of the family, my sister/your mother Liliane Claude.
But Claudy did not look for Thank You's. Because Claudy  did those things for the family and because he never hates, nor tries to hurt even those hurting him.


So in retrospect to all the above, can niece Johanne list just one  (1) thing of the kind that you or anyone here did for uncle Claudy?

Well, there was niece Dominique's joke of  claiming that picking up my daughter on her way to a party at my New Jersey home  2 decades ago as some great favor. Nope! Any friend coming to the party would have done it without ever throwing it back me.

The inability to say Thank you or to acknowledge what someone has done for you seems to be a generational defect in the grandchildren generation.  So in the end, the only Thank You Claudy received, was being called a drug addict, elder abuser, a crazy/mental and evicted from my sister's home by you, your mom, my nephews and the Prima-Donna.



But niece Johanne, it's much worse than this family's inability to say thank you. It is the ability to inflict pain for no reason, no purpose and with nothing to gain. Thus the definition of hate. In fact even the middle of the road ability to give the most simple requested support is an impossibility. Let me just give a couple of examples since I do not make accusations  without factual examples

1) Do you remember one day I was so bothered at home seeing my wife going through mood changes,  and occasional silent depression that I could not understand, .I sought  your advice as a doctor to find out if there was some psychological/medical reason that  you knew of. We discussed it, and at that the time we attributed it to her family.  Then days later, I called you and Liliane and asked you to do this favor for my wife. I said:

 "I think Marline needs someone to talk ,and open up to. Because she keeps everything bottled inside and does not have real friends to motivate her positively. And the single friend Rachelle, she talks to, is part of the pronlem. So, can you please come over with Liliane to keep her company?. Not to talk about our marriage, but to have someone she can open up  with, woman to woman. Like I said just come talk to her as a caring friends & in-laws"

Well, guess what happened?. You never said yes, you never said no. You never showed up. And now I know it's because you were actually responsible for her conditions. But as I kept trying to get her to open to me, she burst out saying:

 Why does everyone hate you? You are the common denominator.

In my shock I replied:

 "No one hates me, unless you are refering to your family and girlfriend Rachelle. And if  I am to be a common denominator, you need a few more numerators"


Now, little tdid I know that there were a ton of numerators in my family . So, concerned with that statement, and believing she was referring to her family, I called you and Liliane, then told Liliane:

 I think Marline is getting some negative pressure from her sister.  Please do this for me, Call Joelle and try to have a diplomatic conversation saying that you see some unhappiness with Marline and Claudy, and that as in-laws you are curious to know if she is aware of anything. Just make it a woman to woman talk"


To which Liliane replied to me and to my shock

Oh, Oh, you know, I don't really know these people and that would be TOO SENSITIVE.

Well no need to tell you my reaction to Liliane. But I hanged up the phone on her.



Now Johanne, I am going to show you my confidence in what I do or say. I have accused you directly many times, and I know that you cannot deny any of them. Do you know why? Because I have the truth weapon, and if you try to deny anything, I will blast you with evidence.


For example I am now accusing you of telling Marline about this Common Denominator thing. And just in case you might think of denying it, Ihere is the evidence i   that God sent Ricky to deliver forme to blast you.


It came  on March 28, 20 18, as God sent Ricky to deliver me the source of Marline's comment about me being the common denominator that everyone hates. Here are Ricky's exact words from his text

.... In the break up of three marriages and a few liaisons, you are the common denominator and this list can go on. AGAIN you arte the COMMON DENOMINATOR

...Whatever you think my sexuality is  or how my dick swings....(Bleep.. Bleep)

So now we know where Marline got her
common denominator comment from. It came from my family, proving that my family is the one who hated me, as recent events confirm. And furthermore the reason  Liliane refused to make the call that to her was "TOO SENSITIVE".  Because you wanted me to continue believing that the problem came from Marline's family, while it came from the Claudes.


BTW, I included the portion of Ricky's text confessing that  he is a fag, because it explains why he sides with women, and talks the women talk. And also why I previously suggested that  he completes the job with a sex change operation instead of faking being a man.


So Johanne, this revelation by itself justifies my 2+ years investigation, and publication of this story. Because there is nothing worst than wrongly blaming someone  for the sins of others. And that is exactly what my family tried to do by using the Mith family as cover, to get the blame  for sins they do not own. And this "Common denominator that everyone hates" was a devious  one,  and a perfect example of the dishonesty that has engulfed this family.


Now while, I am also reminded when Ricky let Dominique take the blame for a derogatory comment he made about me that I had to apologize to Dominque about. So in the end, it's a circular firing squad family where no one is safe. Thus I am glad to be out. But while out, I still demand accountability for what was done to me, my wife, marriage, daughter and my mother's legacy..


So dear niece Johanne, having said all this, let me now address the main reason for writing you this detailed open letter



Let's all remember how it all started. Jean Claude Elie woke up one day ready to happily welcome his wife back home. Then with no warning, he suddenly lost his wife, marriage, home, daughter and a whole family overnight. Then no one will talk, and no matter how you slice this series of events, the name Johanne comes up as the true common denominator.


So you should understand that no man or woman, not even you will accept having his life suddenly turned upside without a full understanding of what happened in order to put his life back together. A situation made worst by the fact it all came from family members with a niece he cared for & always supported leading the charge.


While some people have tried to make this family disaster about my so-called 'failed marriage' that did not fail on its own, it had become clear that this drama was scripted to be much bigger than my marriage which was just a necessary casualty on the path to more sinister objectives. Otherwise, everything would have ended with the marriage break up  on Jan 2016. Instead, the problem grew exponentially bigger, wider, and still affecting many more lives 2.5 years later.



One such casualty which became its own major catastrophe that I have not yet exposed is the victimization of my daughter Tanisha Elie,  who I found to be  in a situation even more outrageous and consequential  than my marital issues. Again with you as the common link. This is double dramatic to me because:

FIRST: Because of her status as the youngest, and still single lady of her generation with a full future ahead of  her

SECOND: Because her coercion and digression was done under the supervision of  senior, married women of the family. People who I trusted to keep her on the right path that I put her on, But who instead, engaged in immoral and irresponsible adult  behaviors, including using her youth & immaturity to coerce her  into participating in your conspiracy against her father's marriage. It is also clear that my daughter's psychological manipulation was in line with, and running simultaneously with those inflicted  on my wife Marline to achieve self-destruction of her marriage.


Now, while the  demise of my marriage with Marline took place in a most unusual manner with all the outside involvement,  we should not forget that people get married and divorced every day, and that more than half of all marriages go through that cycle. In Fact, I have been married and divorced twice before, and Marline once before. So we are not rookies at this stuff. Even you, Johanne has been through it.  The only difference between past marital separations and this one is that the prior ones did not include an army of  women outsiders with names like Johanne, Liliane, Dominique, Donna, Paulette, Joelle, Tanisha, Tiffany, Rachelle etc. etc.


However,  while divorces are daily occurrences between two strangers who decided to get married, no one ever heard of a daughter divorcing  her father overnight for no reason. Because:

  • While  married couples are linked with a ring that can be removed,  a daughter is linked to her parents via DNA which can only be separated in a manner that truly represents the term 'till death do us part'.

  • A daughter does not get coerced into a conspiracy against her father's marriage. But tries to hold his marriage together.

  • A daughter does not work with, or cover for spies in her dad's marriage, but reports the spies to her dad.

  • A daughter does not get brainwashed against a father she never once  argued with, and who never once had to punish her.

  • A daughter does not get pushed into a revenge plot for her mother's past divorce. And worse, when it's on a totally false  premise.

  • A daughter does not allow her dad's wife to be kidnapped at her house by conspirators against his marriage.

  • A  daughter does not go out of line to write disrespectful, arrogant messages to a parent or any eider.

In other words, Tanisha was that daughter and  "the perfect daughter" who doesn't  just wake up one day and starts doing  these things on her own. What s the explanation?


While I know plenty about how Marine was  driven to self-destruct her marriage, and I know quite a bit on how my daughter was coerced into the above, I have little understanding of the psychological state of mind, or the brainwashing process that would allow her to mentally and morally proceed  on the drastic path of severing the relationship with her father on some weird connection with the break up of my marriage to Marline.


In fact, it is the same mysterious psychological state of mind that allowed Marline to be put on a path to self destruct her marriage, while unable to vocalize one real problem between her and her husband, nor any issue that is not connected to an outsider.


 So the only obvious observation is that  both, marital and father/daughter  break ups, progressed on parallel paths that  concluded  simultaneously at the exact time the Claudes made me enemy on Jan. 26, 2016. This is not coincidence, but the result of a  well scripted conspiracy though psychological manipulation.


So as the Claudes instantly cut off communications with me, it is also no coincidence, nor a surprise that Marline and Tanisha would follow suit, and continued to behave as Siamese   twins, with no individual personality, and unable to vocalize their motives, as they truly do not have any.


Now Johanne, the only thing I know to be 00% true, is that you have  the answers and the key to unlock to this psychological state that you put my daughter in, and the key  to release the gag order imposed on her and Marline that make them to prisoners to a life of denial.


So niece Johanne, while you may see those as great achievements, the community will see them as total mental cruelty and insanity. And while Marline may be unable to counteract the impact to her life with her chronic people-pleaser personality, the consequences on my daughter are another ball game, and a serious red line that has been crossed.


Now for over 2 years after leaving home,  I kept the lines of communications open, hoping that by sharing the evidences of the conspiracy,  someone else would rise to salvage the family. But I soon realized that everyone else was already programmed to do the opposite, with a gag order imposed on communication


.Even more incomprehensible is the fact that till today, Marline who should not be part of this internal family dispute, has chosen to continue mixing it with our personal marital issues. So as you Johanne, had injected the family in her marriage, Marline seems to be returning the favor by forcing herself into this post-marital family dispute.


And just like you will not communicate, Marline still refuses to, or is prevented from taking my calls. Even for simple things like retrieving personal property, and important personal documents that I need urgently, like my citizenship document, old passport, social security cards, business documents etc. Even my Benz I had just spent $8,000 refurbishing  inside out cannot be located. And I am hearing some joke that she gave it to charity. As I said it must be a joke because she is not that crazy yet.


Then there is this new $175 charge I just  got on my bill for phone calls to Cuba with the phone she has leased on my account. Now she wont take my calls to clear it up. This is a totally incoherent behavior.  This is Now,after you & Ricky previously plotted my arrest on the "blocked phone to control" nonsense when the phone was disconnected for late payment, I am forced to pay that mystery charge to prevent another "Blocked phone to control" arrest. So, how the heck this marriage is still costing me every month while unable to access my belongings, money, documents, even my car because of a gag order initiated by you?.


Now going back to my daughter which is a more serious and matter to me, I will soon be releasing the bombshell document tithed "The Tanisha Dossier on her coercion & brainwashing". A document that will, for the first time, expose her outrageous and insulting writing that you and Liliane approved of. An immoral behavior by her seniors that will  shock everyone once they read those messages  that will prove  her psychological manipulation.


 This dossier on my daughter will elevate this disaster from a thriller, to a high voltage Alfred Hitchcock horror story on a young daughter. A preview of which I alluded to in my previous report involving her mother on



Now, I previously provided you with a list of 5 basic questions with an opportunity to present your side of the story, and to challenge the accusations and evidences presented. While these few questions are only a sample of the 100 of unanswered questions, I am ready and willing to reach a resolution based on your responses to these limited questions.


As I said, so far my publications have only been sent  to a couple hundreds people made up of family, acquaintances,  key community people, in addition to organizations we are associated with. While this selective group, I refer to as the community jury, has been following the development of this drama through my reports, I am only 2/3 of the way to reporting the full story, with some very dramatic and shameful events yet to be reported. And upon completion of the full story I will move on to the next step below if the resolution I am about to propose is not accepted.



Once the complete story of the "Elie/RockMaster Debacle" has been fully documented and upload on,, it will be released to the general public through  my full database of 30,000 emails, 3,000 cell phones, Social media, followed by media interviews. All that in advance of a probable book release. So we are talking about an exposure over 3,000 times greater than what I've done so far. And as word gets propagated, someone would have to be living in a cave not to know about the  Mad Doc and her renegades Syndicate. 


So Johanne  if you are now bothered with the negative impact of my limited publications up to now, you ain't seen nothing yet, as the options of legal actions and professional misconduct complaints remain on standby if the general public campaign doesn't shake your intransigence. Then you will  only be able to blame your silence, stubbornness and refusal to take adult responsibility for your actions. But as the nice guy that I am, I always leave an exit door. so here it is.



Now I am willing  put the public release  of the full story  on hold if I receive honest, truthful answers to the questions I provided and presented below, including your willingness to address the current disaster and repair some of the damages as a way to bring everything  to a close. Now even if your responses prove your culpability, you only need to express  an honest  desire and willingness  to make things right on these 2 main issues.



As far as the marital issues between Marline and I, it will be a closed matter for you, once you address the questions and clear the air as to the justification for such obscene acts against your uncle


All I need is for you to remove any gag order, and suspend any influence that's keeping her living with anger and in the past  repeating things that are irrelevant today.


Now my preference is to address our other remaining matters and marital assets amicably. And as I keep telling her, I am not the enemy, and I am not looking for her  to be one after 20 years of knowing her. Specially over a forced break up I still cannot understand, and that she can't explain either.


But if she wants to continue to succumb to pressure from my side or her side to maintain some animosity at her age, then it will be resolved in court. But as a retired person, I will get a free lawyer. So if she wants to give her hard earned income to lawyers, just to be a stupid people-pleaser to negative people, that's her call.


But what I will demand from you and your renegades, is to once and for all stay away from her and let her make her own decisions, as the damage from this side has been tragic enough. And this last text she sent me months ago proves that your intrusion in her life had not stopped.

Your family is always very nice to me. I have nothing but love for them especially Tanisha ,Donna Johanne, Liliane and Dominquez. 
So I will continue to talk to them as I please

Oh, in reference to my daughter, I am still baffled on how she made the top of Marline's list in this scandalous drama. I am sure you know the answer. So maybe you can tell me as Marline can't talk



Now this is a complex one. You know how you created it, so you know how to address it. Therefore on that one, I will not make a proposition since the story is not yet published . I just want to see what you commit yourself to accomplish.


So let's start with the questions below. And with the expected elevation on my daughter's case with my release of the dossiers, I added a couple of questions for you to preamp some of the public shock to come from the dossier.


Below  are the 5 initial questions with the added ones at the end


Expecting your reply,




Eng. Jean-Claude Elie
Your ex-uncle




Months before the break up, I was home and all was fine between my wife when I suddenly get this strange message from niece Dupiton. And when I showed it to my wife, she knew nothing about what Doc. Dupiton wrote

“Why did she send me that strange message, and what crime I committed to run and become a fugitive?. Finally, where did she expect me to go.?


On my first day at sister Roselyne's house, sister Liliane came over and yelled at me. “Map fe yo fout ou deyo ici a tou (I am going to get you kicked out of here ALSO)

Why did Liliane want me kicked out from sister Roselyne's house on my first day?
- And
since saying ALSO is a confession  that she got Marline to put me out, What was the motive?

After the family heard that I should be able to return home, I get a shocking email from Dominique saying “Oh! Oh!. you want to stay in this marriage? Something does not add up?”. 

 “Why was she unhappy to hear that I may be able to return home?. And 'what  "Does not add up" with me wanting to save my marriage?


After my wife put me out as I came down to welcome her back from Haiti,  I sent this SOS distress message at midnight to the family from a Dunkin Donut on Hillside Ave.

Now since the family had just celebrated New year at our home, then  I celebrated Johanne's Birthday the week before, and was on the phone with her on the eve of my wife returning home, here is the million dollars question

“How come they all ignored my distress call, abandoned me in the streets, and  made me enemy #1 that exact day to never talk to me, except for created slanders of drug addict , elder abuser etc.?


This is a question I asked 1,000 times over the past 2 years, and critical to answer at this time.

- Please name ONE (1) specific factual thing they know I did to my wife that would break our marriage, or any marriage. NAME JUST 1

- Name ONE thing I did to ANY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY that would make me enemy #1. JUST ONE


A) As you observed Tanisha gradually distancing herself mentally from her father....

what step did you take or what advice did you give her as her senior to direct her in the right direction?

B) And since that negative direction on her part was witnessed by you Liliane and the other women...

why did neither of you inform me of that situation.

C) Now once I release the Tanisha Dossier with her most outrageous, disrespectful and insulting messages that were seen her elders including you and Liliane:

How come there was no outrage on your part from those outrageous writing of a young lady ?
The same outrage that all mothers and fathers will have here upon reading them. Answering that question may preempt the expected outrage.


AS my wife was bringing to you complaints that are still mysterious to me...

What steps or advices if any did you give her to help save her marriage? PLEASE NAME ONE.

Since I was never aware of her problems she was sharing with you...

As nieces and sister of mine, why didn't you or anyone else address her concerns with me so that I could address them?

Thank you.
Your responses will be shared with everyone with no editing

I Specially recommend that you listen to trhe recorded message below again, as a lot of it will only mahe sense to you now.



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