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Now you are about to experience the 2nd part of what I refer to as the Mad-Doc/Jamaican-women connection in the multi-facets conspiracy against the Elie union and upon my person


The first part that I recently released was a dramatic mind-blowing report on one of the many devious plots scripted by Dr. Dupiton. That one involving my first wife Paulette of Jamaican origin. This second part you are about to read involves the secret involvement of my nephew Frantz Balmir's Jamaican wife, Donna Balmir, the Prima-Donna. A  title initially given to her by my wife Marline, which fits perfectly as you will soon see.


At the end, I will announce an open letter from me to Dr. Dupiton that you all will receive next. So for now, let me start this story with a little recap.



But let me start with  a quick recap of the first Mad-Doc/Jamaican-women connection part 1, recently published. In that script, Dr. Dupiton had secretly enlisted my  first wife Paulette, into the renegades syndicate. Then convinced her to revive our 3 decades old divorce as the motive for a revenge plot against me. But unknowing to the Mad Doc, that divorce was the result of a grave indiscretion on my ex-wife part which I had kept secret all those years. Now thinking that I was the husband who simply walked away, Doc Dupiton was able to coerce Paulette into a plan to get her  revenge by helping ruin my marriage to Marline.



:In addition,  that was a revenge plan strongly supported by Dr. Dupiton's mother/my sister Liliane Claude  who is also obsessed with punishing men who left a wife, because of the way her father left our mother and abandoned her  as a baby.


,So Liliane had to find scapegoats to satisfy her lifelong resentment for her missing father. And in that search for scapegoats, she found 3 convenient ones to represent her father, her mother  and herself.
.Therefore, she had the targets needed to feed those  vindictive feelings:

  • A husband suspected of leaving his wife must pay for father (Mr. Mackenzie)  sins (Scapegoat #1: Me)

  • A daughter of such husband/father, must feel the pain of not having/ losing a father, as Liliane did (Scapegoat: Tanisha)

  • Any  wife of such husband, must suffer the pain of losing a husband, as Liliane's  mother did. (Scapegoat: Marline)

But for the revenge to be most satisfying to these Claudes, the targets of the revenge loss must be people in happy relationships. Thus making me, my  wife & daughter the perfect targets for killing 3 birds with one stone.


The plot to use my first wife Paulette was so well planned in a tightly held secret that I never had any suspicion. In fact, Paulette is the only person I had  fully  trusted of non-involvement in the Claudes conspiracy. Not only because she was the mother of my daughter, but she was a guest at my wedding with Marline, and a guest at family events that Marline and I hosted in our home. See pictures below.


So beside the Mad Doc, I had a 2nd undercover agent in my home targeting my marriage. But this  shocking discovery was not made until a full 2 years after my wife Marline was brainwashed into self-destructing her marriage. At that moment, Paulette suddenly  started to send me text messages celebrating her revenge victory in April, 2018


However that celebration was short-lived and backfired on them when I exposed the long-held secret that our divorce was not of my doing, but due to my ex-wife infidelity. But as God would have it,  I was rewarded with the evidence in her own handwriting. Because, once I reminded her of her indiscretion, she reacted with an angry statement which was nothing less than a full confession, and the solid evidence I needed. So not realizing that I am the evidence man who does not keep secret, even embarrassing ones, She wrote:

PAULETTE WROTE  (April 2018)


Are you afraid that the young stud was a better fuck than you? Well he was.
BTW that was my bed, I bought every dam thing in that apartment except the couch

Well Is immediately forwarded her message to the press room for immediate release. So as the foundation for the Mad Doc plan  crumbled badly, they all ended up with eggs in her faces, including  my wife Marline who was treated as a fool by the creative mind of Mad Doc Dupiton.


But in the end, the biggest victim was my daughter who was forced to learn this truth about her mom and her parents separation in a way that  will ;eave her with a scared memory for life. All this thanks to a Dr. Dupiton who should be healing scars, not create them. But that is the consequence of Hate and vindictiveness. They don't only hurt and victimize their targets, but the innocents


Now, before going into the part 2 of the Mad-Doc/Jamaican-Women Connection with Donna the Prima-Donna, you can read the full dramatic story above at:

In fact if you did not read it yet, I recommend you do now before continuing.



Now the other person I never suspected, and trusted as non-involved in the Claudes conspiracy against me and my marriage was the Jamaican born wife of my younger nephew, Donna F. Balmir. But just like in my ex-wife case,  Donna's discovery as a secret agent renegade agent came when she self-incriminated herself in an angry message  replying to a request I made of her. A request made  because I believed she was innocent, but a request that turned out to be a bait that she brainlessly jumped on to bite


As the popular French saying goes, "'il faut se méfier de l'eau qui dort (Be wary of sleeping water)". Because I had mistakenly  believed that Donna was a safe "Sleeping water". Only to later discover the turbulence underneath. So the level of deception in this family continued to increase day by day with the discovery of Donna the Prima-Donna  as a Renegade-in-law




It all started when I was still at my sister Roselyne's house and Liliane was frequently coming over to harass me and create disturbances. As most  problems begin with the name Liliane, she had already instructed  my nephews to remove me from the house to take control. So she would report to the boys some fabricated stories, knowing that they would swallow whatever idiocy she feeds them. So much so that  the boys would come over to question me about some Liliane complaint, in spite of my repeated requests not to get involved between Liliane and I, as my issues with my sister is not their problems.


But one day nephew Frantz came over with all kind of nonsense complaint from Liliane, and crossed the line when he mentioned my wife by sating "Oh! where is your wife? Your wife divorced ou! Oh they have pictures of you going to the house, etc. etc"


Now, that was it for me, and I was not going to take  any more from an idiot of a nephew being pulled  by a strings like a yoyo by the Claudes women to make him repeat the stuff of idiots. So since I could not make him mind his own business, I thought to myself "Maybe I should reach out to his wife to get it through his thick skull, since she seemed to be  uninvolved in this mess."


Now, the most I expected as a reply from her was: "I'll Try talking to him". On the contrary, that is when I realized that, like in the case of ex-wife Paulette, guilt conscience has a way of revealing itself. It's a due to a term I learned from watching president Trump's debacles called "Consciousness of guilt": That is  Behaviors or actions driven by the knowledge of your guilt.


 Because the reply I got was a pile of insults as she got deep into my personal life,  talking about Liliane, Roselyne, my marriage, wife, eviction, , lawyer, police, terror  etc. All keywords that I heard before from Doc Dupiton's renegades. So let's go top the evidence.


What follows now are 3 crucial communications

1) My request for favor to Donna

2) Donna's Bombshell reply exposing her complicity

3) My true and complete reply to Donna setting the record straight



So following her husband next visit to harass me on behalf of boss Lilliane Claude, I decided to have his wife deal with him for me. So I sent her the following message: Pay special attention to what I highlight in yellow.



 Hi Donna,

Please do me a favor. Keep your idiot of a husband away from me, & keep his nose out of my business with my sisters & wife.


 I told him from day 1 not to stick his nose. Just as I wouldn't stick mine between him & his brother , nor him & his wife. Fanfan lets Liliane & Johanne drag him & his poor father into making my personal life into a Balmir issue.


 Now I write you out of respect for never getting between husband & wife or between family members.
He has his wife & daughter. That should be plenty for him to care for

Thank You

So as you can see, even though I was still angry at Fanfan, I made sure to close my request, nicely and respectfully by saying:  "I write you out of respect: in requesting to have her husband worry about his wife & daughter. Plus I made sure not to mention the details of the family issues, so as not to think  am asking her involvement.  Just have a talk with my nephew. And Yes,  I called him idiot, and my position of senior uncle and benefactor gives me the right to straighten the boy when he acts like an idiot.



Now, you have previously heard me talk  about the fabricated "Drug Addict" frame that has been badly discredited as a slander. Now you  will get to discover this new slander being  created  by Donna Balmir, the Prima-Donna in writing. This one is actually crueler and more serious. While the drug slander was only a character defamation, this new one by Donna , if true, would be considered a felony. It is described by words like: "Terror, causing fear, Elder abuser, etc". All acts  I am suddenly inflicting on my Alzheimer stricken sister and her disabled, stroke recovering husband.


Now this is what I truly call Hate & evil on steroid from the Renegades Syndicate.


Well read all about it in the Prima-Donna's reply to my simple request.


First thing, why are you dragging me into your drama?

Secondly, how disrespectful of you to text me calling my husband names and think I'm ok with that. Respect is earn not given and I'm trying real hard to be respectful now.


Only juveniles restore to name calling when trying to make a point. Everyone that you call an idiot, sucker or whatever names you call them are pretty stable and independent so they can't be that much of an idiot...they must be doing something right.


Now, what kind of sons Frantz and Ricky would be if they sit back and have their father living in fear without taking some kind of action? I'm pretty sure they warned you about yelling at Papi Eric and trying to keep Lianne away from the house. Lianne who used to visit regularly and help out with the care of Roselyn can't even go to the house in peace.


Don't use this as an excuse to say people are interfering with your marriage. You getting evicted has nothing to do with your marriage or divorce you are doing that all by yourself.


Papi Eric let you stayed there out of the goodness of his heart and you bring turmoil to his residence.


Please do not text me telling to tell my husband jack bc he's a grown man and he has every right to go to his parents home to make sure they are comfortable...and don't text me threatening my husband either.

As a matter of fact, I'll forward your text to my cousin who is a lawyer and my brother who is an officer because I don't take threats lightly.

If you want me to help you find a new place to live I can do that....

otherwise don't text me being disrespectful to my husband.

That is a whole lot of yellow highlights on my simple request!


Now before I go into my extensive reply putting the Prima-Donna in her place with some real hard truth to swallow,  let me just remind you of the simple request I had made to see how much of the stuff she wrote was part of my request. In one sentence, here was my request:

.I write you out of respect  to have  your husband keep his nose out of my business, cause he has his wife & daughter. to care of


Well let me reply in full to her non-reply to my request, and teach her a few things or two.

NOTE: this letter to Donna was written in late 2017. That was way before I even knew of my ex-wife Paulette's connection with the campaign in 2018



Dear Donna,

The message you sent me confirms your involvement in this campaign of lies and falsehoods against me and my marriage. Therefore I will now respond to all your statements, though not in a flattering manner, as your message was not.


Let me start by asking for your level of education, professional studies, or career achievements that would compare to mine, or any member of this family? I ask that to determine what put you on an equal footing to have the illusion that you can address me in such street corner, ghetto style manner, without expecting strong repercussions.

In fact, the same fate would be expected if you insulted any other descendant of my mother in this family. A family that reluctantly accepted you because it was Frantz choice. A reluctance shared at the time by Liliane, Dominique & Johanne, whom you became a puppet to. Although by allowing you to impose the ugliness in your message on me, is a betrayal of the family on their part. And your husband Frantz is guilty of the same by allowing you to send such message, due to his weakness & the Just-Shut-Up personality you imposed on him.

Now, my reply here will not follow the ugly style of your message, as I will not allow you to drag me down your gutter. Like I said before, "when they go low, Jean Claude stays high". A value that I have been trying t impress on my nephews. But it seems like Fanfan has been held hostage in your gutter, which explains his language lately.

In addition, I had asked for your education level in order to determine how low I should descend to, so you will understand what I write. Because your reply seems to suggest that my initial message was not legible to you.

For example: I was very confused by your comments about ''Dragging you in my drama", and your comment on "Respect". Because:

  • PRAISED YOU FOR "...never getting between husband & wife or family members".

  • BUT YOU REPLIED: "...why are u dragging me into your drama.", 

Now I don't need to say more. But you can understand why everyone will ask for your level of reading the English language. In addition:

  • I  ASKED YOU TO: "... tell him to stay out of my business"

  • BUT YOU REPLIED: "..Do Not ask me to tell my husband JACK, he is a grown man."

well, I did not ask you to say "Jack" to your husband, but for him to stay out of my business.  In addition, I don't know any "Jack" 
Then, if as you said: "..he is a grown man ", Then why is wifie writing for him? Why is he not the one replying like a grown man? Is it because you took the man out of him, and truly made him believe he is 'Fanfan Who-Don't-Talk'?

Now, let's talk next about 'RESPECT'


Now this one is a killer. Your comments about respect really destroyed any reading credibility you had. Even as respect is extended to you, you don't recognize it. Because:

  • I  GAVE YOU MAX.  RESPECT SAYING: "..I write you out of respect.."

  • YOU REPLY AS  IF I SPOKE CHINESE: "Respect is 'earned', not 'given'

So I thank you for letting me know  that "I should not have given you respect, because you have not earned it". Well, that is the one thing that you are right about. So I take back  the given respect.

Then when you said that you are "..trying real hard to be respectful". Well we can all see the reason why it is so hard for you to do that. Because if you cannot even receive respect, how the hell can you give it. It's a very common proverb that "YOU CAN'T GIVE WHAT YOU AIN'T GOT.. So, Respect you can't receive is Respect you can't give.


Then regarding your complaint that I call my nephew names. It's not your place as a "Just Come" in this family to comment on what I call my nephew to straighten him out. But still, I did not call him name. Idiot is not a name, it's a description of his bad behavior. But if you want to know about names, I will give you real examples of names you gave him and insulted him with publicly. Something I have personally witnessed with sadness at Johanne's parties, when you would point toward him and with everyone laughing, you would throw these names at him:

1.Fanfan who don't talk
2.Fanfan who don't care
3.Fanfan Fatso,
4.Fanfan Look-at-his-belly
5.Fanfan looking pregnant

6.Fanfan you can slap & he'd just smile
7.Fanfan who does nothing
8.Fanfan who cant dress & ..
9.Who next to sexy wife makes them an odd couple.


Now Dona, there is something I call 'intellectual idiocy'. It is when someone thinks they can hide their thoughts behind words, so that a more intelligent person will not catch them. This what you attempted to do in writing

".people you call idiots... are pretty stable and independent

So let me use one of Ricky's terms, and "Dissect" this comment for everyone.

By 'STABLE': You mean someone  stuck in one marriage like your husband
By 'INDEPENDENT', You mean "Financial independence and having a job

Well, I hope that the target of your statement is not me. Someone who is retired, receiving 2 checks, running a business. Someone who doesn't care about material things and left behind a house and land in Haiti in exchange for peace. Someone who beside his house, has lived in 3 spacious apartments, never had anyone help him pay one month rent or mortgage. In fact never missed anything in his life until I stumbled on the gang of Renegades and a Renegade-in-law.

So I am sure you are not trying to point fingers at me. But just in case that crossed your mind, let me proceed to snap off those fingers.


Well, if you are trying to inform me that your husband is stable in his marriage, it's because he accepted to be a "Just-Shut-Up" husband, who allows his wife to call him insulting names in public, allows his wife to talk/write for him, and allows her to insult his uncle. In addition, he lets her take away his manhood, and as a Fanfan-who-don't-talk, he can't say 'jack" to a wife who travels the world with friends, leaving him home to earn the bread, and pay her bills.

Something that my stupid wife let you put in her head to become husband-less. But as a dignified man with personality, such betrayal of marriage vows will never be accepted by me. Therefore, that kind of 'Stable, Just-Shut-Up' puppet husband will never be me. I'd rather be married 3 times than be stuck with your type of a wife in one lifetime marriage.

So this finger just got snapped


Then, as far as financial independence, You should remember that the paycheck coming to your home results from the 2 lifetime careers I provided your husband as his uncle. And with a Prima-Donna wife who does not contribute and refuses to hold a job, my idiot nephew has to carry the full load.

So thanks to my jobs, he is able to pay for your single world travels, sexy clothes, beauty saloon and the wigs on your head, turning you from blonde to brunette in a snap.


So if you want to see the one man or woman in this family who is not independent, just look around you at the Claudes, Balmirs and Elies. You will see someone standing alone like a sore thumb. Her name is Donna Fable Balmir the Prima-Donna  Paparazzi .


Come to think of it, I even gave you a job to make few dollars taking pictures. Then when I realized that you like your paparazzi hobby, I tried to have my wife open an event planner business with you. But your lazy "you-know-what' runs away hearing the word 'work'. So without my jobs to your husband, or without a husband, and as a lazy who won't work, you'd learn that standing in the welfare line is not independence for a Prima-Donna

So another finger just got snapped.


So moving to your next statement


Now as for the following statements, I could take you to court for slander and defamation. But as the bigger man, I don't take family or family spouses to court. But I am about to expose you publicly as the one who pushed your husband to go to court. Even more serious, I will prove your negative influence on my daughter Tanisha. All by using your own statement below

what kind of sons Frantz and Ricky would be... to have their father living in fear without taking some kind of action? I'm pretty sure they warned you about yelling at Papi Eric
He let you stayed there out of the goodness of his heart and you bring turmoil to his residence.


Now I won't honor these erroneous statements by defending myself. Because when you make such vile accusations, you should at least give one example of what, when, where or why I did it. But you cant because you are a dangerous liar, and I am about expose you as such. You know very well that its a cruel fabrication that was never heard, and never seen by any of the people who could have made such claim. This includes Eric, Jacqueline, Claudette, Suzette, Jackie etc. Even never seen by Ricky & Fanfan who, like idiots and parrots, repeat whatever nonsense they hear.

Now that brings me to a possible error about Liliane. Because as a man in search of truth, I may have wrongly blamed Liliane for the of harassing Eric. Since Fanfan is not one to be talking to Liliane, he couldn't have gotten it from her. And I doubt that you got it from her, since you wrote with the confidence of an eyewitness. So Fanfan could have only gotten this story from home, as it was fabricated at home, then spread to Ricky, Tanisha and Liliane. Then the chorus of lies was complete.

But Tanisha provided the most damming evidence that she got it from you. Thus confirming your involvement in the mess from day one.


Now here is the kicker. As I was reading your lines about harassing Eric, something kept telling me that I read similar lines before. So I went back to look at what Tanisha wrote me on the subject. Obviously since Tanisha never comes here, she was being just another repeating parrot.

Different words, but the exact same thinking. On the left is you, and on the right is Tanisha. And I know she has no ESP power.





.. they can't have their father live in fear They warned you about yelling at Papi Eric

You're out here threatening my uncle. He is old!!! That is elder abuse


Eric let you stay there out of goodness of his heart and you bring turmoil

Your brother in law lets u into his home 4 free & u want to ruin that


So Donna, this is incrimination, proof and evidence of your involvement in the conspiracy and messing with Tanisha's head, But that's not all. Let's keep going.


Again you wrote

".and trying to keep Leanne away from the house. Leanne who used to visit regularly and help out with the care of Roselyne can't even go to the house in peace

Now Donna, you finally confirmed that you are a dangerous troublemaker. I also realize that the family, including Liliane, Johanne and Dominique were right when they did not want you in the family, nor wanted you for Fanfan. I will say more about that, but for now let me get back to Liliane.

Our mother had 3 children named Liliane, Roselyne & Jean-Claude. She did not have one named Donna. Therefore, the F***G nerve of you to be mentioning my sisters name to me. If your nose is too big for you, there are 2 things that can be done about that. One is called plastic surgery. The 2nd option is for me to break it off, and put it with the 2 fingers I already snapped. So I choose option #2

While I never stopped Liliane from coming here, I also have a responsibly for my sister Roselyne by trying to prevent Liliane from bringing her nonsense to this house. Something that I mentioned to your husband and his brother. But with Fanfan's inability to show care for his mother, being under your spell & your eviction ploy, if I have to take a position for Roselyne's well-being, I will. So it's a family matter, none of your darn business.

Then as far as keeping Liliane from this house, I guess you did not know that the week before you wrote your message, I saw Liliane in the kitchen, went toward her and gave her a kiss. That was a peace gesture, not an act of blocking her from here. So when I confront her improper behavior in our sister's house and the lies that she spreads, that is my right as a brother, and none your darn business to say 'Jack' about. Just like I would not say beep to whatever happens between you and your sister. So if you stayed in your place, you would not be disrespected.

But now I see why Fanfan and Ricky did nothing with my complaints about Liliane. It's because you had other plans for Fanfan and the house. Other plans that required me to be removed from here, because I am too smart and can be a problem. So the eviction was to give you the opportunity to push Fanfan into switching the deed of the house to his name, making you a beneficiary. And while Liliane will have the control she wanted in the house, you'd have inheritance. So I think there is a situation with backstabbers backstabbing each other in this Renegades gang


Then as far as taking care of Roselyne, I know that Liliane tries to lend a hand whenever she is in Queens, since she lives in Long Island. But while I am here to lend a hand 24hrs a day if needed, I am being framed for eviction for the reason stated above

Roselyne is your husband's mother. For the time I've been here I can count in one hand how many times you've been here, and no time was it to help Roselyne with anything. Specially since you live a neighborhood over. And for someone who has no job and all the time in your hands, you could have been here quite often to give a little assistance. When I was getting up early on weekends to go buy them breakfast at Mc. Donald and dinner at the Haitian restaurant, I never saw you bring some home cooked dinner for your mother in-law & father in-law. Maybe you don't even cook. The most I have seen from your home is Fanfan bringing a sandwich or some Chinese food.

In the end, using your own words, I never seen you do "jack" for her or anyone else. So don't talk about the "jack" that Liliane does. OK.

So if you are useless, stay in your place & don't say Jack to anything involving my family, my marriage & wife. Which takes me to my marriage.


Now for someone who started by telling me not to drag you in my affair, you seem to know a whole lot about my affairs when you wrote

Don't use this as an excuse to say people are interfering with your marriage. You getting evicted has nothing to do with your marriage or divorce you are doing that all by yourself

So if you don't want me to drag you in my drama, how is I possible that:

  • You know the reason for my marital problems & I DON'T

  • You know the problems I caused by myself & I DON'T

  • You know that I am divorced & I DON'T

  • You know why I am being evicted & I DON'T



All I have to say about this threat, I will say it to the Claudes & specially Liliane. This is what you all get when you take a woman that you did not approve to be in this family, and give her power to introduce her ghetto upbringing. Now the family is in disgrace. But what she said bellows leads straight to my next topic, in which she has incriminated herself by writing

I'll forward your text to my cousin who is a lawyer and my brother who is an officer because I don't take threats lightly


Now, I always knew that my family was culprit in sending Marline to the police and behind my false arrests. What you just wrote is pure sign of ignorance. But I am glad to see that at least some members of your family have some education and Jobs. Maybe you should try that. Then your nose would not be in other people life and marriage.

So this nose just got chopped

And as to your last statement,

If you want me to help you find a new place to live I can do that....

Now this is real audacity. So now, you are already thinking that you have the authority in this house, even to evict me. That is why you coerced Frantz to snatch his parent's house. Well, this is exactly what's done by people who never work, and never sweat to earn anything on their own. They connive weak men and snatch what belong to others. That snatching of an elderly couple's house is what I would call real 'ELDER ABUSE & EMBEZZLEMENT, and call for investigation


This is three definition of a Prima-Donna


So Donna. I close by providing you some information that may reduce your level of ignorance.

  1. 1.You should have learned from the fact that Johanne & Dominique never replied to me. It's not because they can't. They're just smart enough to know that if they attack me with lies, they will get their head chopped off, just like you lost 2 fingers & a nose. Sometimes one learns by watching

  2. you must not have known that this family never wanted you for Fanfan and blamed you for the fact that he lost a great opportunity after graduating college. His mom, Dad, Grand-mother and the Claudes tried to convince him to take it. But because of Donna, he had to stay in the area and lost the opportunity.

  3. So he ended up as a bank teller, until his family loving uncle Claudy came to the rescue. And now the little idiot with no gratitude lets you push him into evicting his benefactor uncle.

  4. Then these same family members you joined as a Renegade in-law also did not appreciate your selfishness when you did not want to give Frantz a child, and it was an accident that gave him one. So true that you would not give him a second one, so as not to disturb your figure. I just hope that when his daughter is grown and leaves the house, Fanfan-Fatso-Big-belly-who-cant-dress, will still have a sexy wife, or just a wife. "Pawol Gran Moun (Old people wisdom)"

So Donna, you should have learned to stay in your league, and should be able to recognize people who are smarter than you, and that no ladder of yours could ever reach.. I did not insult you with the vulgar word that you are used to, but with an intellect that you cannot reply to in kind. As you said, respect is not given. Nether is intellect. That's one you have to sweat for years to get.


So as of now, take my advice. Don't ever talk my business, my name and do not talk to, or go close to my wife. As for my daughter, she is all grown and I am not responsible for her. So if she wants to be an idiot, or parrot repeating after you, that's her choice. But I will call her an idiot whenever she deserves it. I have the right, and no one got ;Jack" to say about it. Specially you.

I've said my peace


Engineer Jean Claude Elie



Again, remember that this letter was sent   before I knew of the first Mad-Doc Jamaican connection presented at



I want to bring to your attention the fact that, while I made very serious accusations which go to morality, professionalism and even criminality,  neither you or I have received any response, challenges and denial of one word I said, or 1 piece of evidence provided. So I want to explain why I think that you are only hearing from me to    dispel any thinking that this is a witch hunt against the Claudes & others.


I attribute the silence from the other side to what I call the power of  TRUTH & HONESTY. . First let me talk about "honesty" in the this process. Then the "Power of Truth" driving people decision to talk, defend themselves or stay silent.



One thing that you probably do not know as a reader, is the fact that every piece of information I publish outside the family was always sent them to preview in advance, and they also received advanced notices of any report publication and content. So I have giver them the opportunity to object to the contents and even requested  their  inputs and  objections to anything I intended to publish. So nothing I do or send is ever a surprise to them


So absent of any objection from anyone, they have given me the authorization to publish. In fact. While this is my personal story that I am free to publish and write a book about, as I intend to do, I go the extra notification steps of full transparency to cover myself legally.  That transparency is the reason I do not hesitate to also  publish everything they write to me, even the most demeaning statements about me. Therefore they also know that  any challenge they want to make will also be shared e with you in their defense.


So the question you may ask is "Why have they not offered their side of the story?", since they know it's an open forum where I don't hide or keep anything secret? Well, the answer is in this next section.



You just experienced 2 examples of the power of truth and why you are not hearing back from the accused.  in the case of my ex-wife in the previous report, and the Prima-Donna report above, when they write falsehood, make erroneous accusations and publish slanders with profanities, I hit back with truth they can't challenge and end up looking worse than before. So the best choice for them is to stay silent.  so that is why you do not hear from dr. M. Dupiton, and that is what my ex-wife and the Prima-Donna just experienced by Texting erroneous lies and vulgarities. That is also  why you will not hear them come back with any challenge to what I reported because I have "The Power of truth".


Ironically, this is the same power of truth that is keeping my wife Marline from talking and finds herself between a rock & a hard place. If she talks, she will have 2    choices

  1. TALK THE TRUTH: In which case she will be incriminating the renegades who she had sympathized with, with and admit she was taken for a fool by them. She will also have to admit that any criticism she voiced about me was totally untrue

  2. MAINTAIN THE FALSEHOODS: In which case she will look bad, unable to challenge the facts and undisputable evidences of their guilt and conspiracy thus presenting herself as a bigger victim of coercion and manipulation by these women.

But I am sure that at some point she will find the courage to rise above the influence of others to tell the truth. In other words DTRT (Do the Right Thing) for once,  to return to her true self. Because Truth is undeniable and only the TRUTH CAN SET HER FREE



Even Doctor Dupiton will have to realize at some point that only truth will saver her. As admitting ,your wrongs and taking accountability for your actions is the only way to redeem herself and back to normal life. Because silence is proof of guilt and taking the 5th is self condemnation in the community jury.


Previously, I promised to present Doc. Dupiton with a list of questions to answer in her defense, and that I would share the responses with the community. But as the number of questions was reaching 100 &beyond, I realized that the chances of her answering them are practically non existent. However, for your benefit, I still intend to publish the questions to accentuate the depth of the conspiracy,\


So what I have done instead is come up with only 5 questions that go to the root of the drama.  AS you saw in my conversation with nephew Greg, I had provided him those 5 basic questions to cover with the Claudes. In fact I even promised that with satisfactory & truthful answers to these 5 simple questions, I would put an end to the public campaign and negotiate a peace. So far I am still waiting to hear from Dr. Dupiton & her syndicate.


So let me restate these 5 questions again. And my dream would be that anyone seeing one of those renegades somewhere or at an event, will throw one of these questions at them.



So here are the crucial  5 questions that will determine if the conspiracy was real or not

Q1:  Months before the break up, I was home and, all was fine between my wife when I suddenly get this strange message from niece Dupiton

Why did she send me that strange message, and what crime I committed to run and become a fugitive. Finally, where did she expect me to go.?”


Q2: On my first day at sister Roselyne's house, sister Liliane came over and yelled at me. “Map fe yo fout ou deyo ici a tou (I am going to get you kicked out of here ALSO)

- Why did she want me kicked out from sister Roselyne's house on my first day?

- And since ALSO means that she also got Marline to put me out, Why did they?


Q3 After the family heard that I should be able to return home, I get a shocking email from Dominique saying “Oh! Oh!. you want to stay in this marriage? Something does not add up?”.
“Why was she unhappy to hear that I may be able to return home?. And 'what  "Does not add up" with me wanting to save my marriage?


Q4 After my wife put me out as I came down the stairs with a smile to welcome her back from Haiti,  I sent this SOS distress message at midnight to the family from a Dunkin Donut on Hillside Ave.

Now since the family had just celebrated New year at our home, then  I celebrated Johanne's Birthday the week before, and was on the phone with her on the eve of my wife returning home, here is the million dollars question

“How come they all ignored my distress call, abandoned me in the streets, and  made me enemy #1 that exact day to never talk to me, except for created slanders of drug addict , elder abuser etc.?


Q5: This is a question I asked 1,000 times over the past 2 years, and critical to answer.

- Please name ONE (1) specific factual thing they know I did to my wife that would break our, or any marriage.

-Name ONE thing I did to ANY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY that would make me enemy #1



Let me close with a somewhat humorous, but a 100% factual logic that all men know very well about women, and that is central to this drama



One weapon that women possess, and that men never try to stop, except for stupid men, is a talking woman mouth. Because once that  machine gun is triggered, no man can ever shut it down. It's a battle you can't win, You just  have to duck and wait for the gun to run out of ammunitions.



.Well, if someone told you that somewhere in the world, one  man was able to shut down the guns of a gang of 7 women for 2 years, you'd say "No way, impossible"

Well, Jean Claude Elie did it. I have been ganged upon by up to 7 mean spirited women for some 2+ years.  But for 2+ years, while I continue to speak freely, and expose their crimes and cruelty, not one of them has been able to pull the trigger.


This is HUGE! And it is something for the Guinness book of world records. How the hell did JC do it?. What super hi-tech weapon that Jean Claude has that kept  those women silent, unable to pull the trigger while being fired upon? Well, let me tell you.




Actually, it's not hi-tech at all. It's the most simple weapon that all of us have at our disposition. A simple weapon that even sent = the headmaster Mad Doc Dupiton into hiding, and turned  this double agent spy into a  full blown Coward.


This simple weapon is called 'THE TRUTH'.  Because when you load the  TRUTH weapon with ammunitions like Honesty, Integrity, Dignity, DTRT and blessed with God on your side, you will shut down an army of 7 lying, deceiving and conniving women all the time.


Now, the renegade  women can't pull the trigger because they know that once their guns spit out their ammunitions of lies and dishonesty against me, they will be shut down on the spot with my ammunitions of truth and evidences. In fact you just witnessed 2 such cases with my ex-wife Paulette & above with Donna the Prima-Donna after they fired their ammunitions of lies in those messages they sent to me. They got shut down so badly that they will not even come back to challenge my reports. Because, how do you challenge truth? You can't, since truth is undeniable.


But these renegades would not just quit because of their useless weapons.  They made a strategic move and switched weapons. They brought in other people weapons like my nephews Ricky & Fanfan, even my daughter to become their attack weapons. But the problem still remained as those dumb renegades loaded the borrowed weapons  with the same ammunitions of lies. So those too got shut down on the spot.


So the lesson here is: When armed  with the truth , one person will defeat any army of lying mouths. Yes,  you will get wounded in the battle. You may even get arrested, jailed and end up in a shelter. But those wounds are due to desperation moves on their part. You may even lose a battle or two. But the wounds will heal, and the losses temporary. IN THE END, TRUTH WILL WIN THE  WAR.


Now, this logic brings to light the importance to the 5 questions I presented above. And for that I wrote an open letter to Dr. Marie P. Dupiton. An important letter addressing the situation as it is today, what's coming, and a proposal how she can help bring his matter to a resolution before I go into full blast.


The letter is already prepared and ready to go. But I will give you time to concentrate on  this report, and send the letter afterward so that it  stands on its own.


thank you


Jean Claude Elie


An open letter to Doctor Marie P. Dupiton-Theus